If you are a business owner or manager and are concerned about the security of your people, facilities and equipment, then we can assist you. Our Security Surveys are designed to identify problematic areas. Our goal is to review your current security measures to ensure they are realistic and practical. In addition, our review may include some suggestions to minimize vulnerabilities while enhancing the protection of personnel and property.

What to expect during Security Surveys?

Can you give us an idea of what to expect during your routine Security Surveys? Of course. First you must understand that a thorough review can be time consuming. Also cooperation between your management team and our team is essential since we are working toward the same objective. To do our job effectively we will require specific information from you. This includes defining the scope of the survey as well as the time frame for completion. Further, we must know who in your organization has authority to implement our findings when complete. In addition listed below are few more examples of what to expect:

  • Determine the company’s plans, objectives and procedures.
  • Obtain facility details including boundaries and existing systems
  • Evaluate current security policies and procedures
  • Review any written incident reports within the last few years
  • Ascertain what level of asset protection is desired
  • Detect the actual security currently in place.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Visit the site both day and night at various times
  • Make recommendations
  • And much more…
Security Survey Assessment

It is far more comprehensive than you think

You might say to yourself that does not look like much, but actually it’s quite a bit. It is far more comprehensive than you think. We will give you some of the specific subject matter we may be looking at to assure we are meeting your needs. Parts of our surveys might touch on the following areas as well as many others:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm systems (Access, Burglar, Fire etc.)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • High Security Areas
  • Lighting (Interior and Exterior Protective)
  • Lock Security
  • Perimeter Barriers
  • Personnel Identification
  • Physical Security
  • Protective Forces
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Communications
  • Security Hardware
  • Stand By Power
  • Vehicle Identification
  • And More…
Security Surveys

Management takes these issues seriously

If you are reading this you recognize the need for these services. As a business owner, manager or the person responsible for risk management, these security surveys can protect against ill preparedness, negligence, insurance and other claims or outdated security measures to name a few. These surveys also show that management takes these issues seriously by acting proactively in its approach to protect its key resources “personnel and  property”. Contact Us today.