Probate research, in part, can be defined as determining the rightful heirs, missing heirs or unknown heirs of an estate, trust or other probate court related matters. If you want to know what is a charitable trust, you can check here and ask experts.

Think of these probate research cases solved by Minneapolis law firm for wills as a giant puzzle. Each consisting of any number of people, places and things from many different sources all fitting together ultimately revealing familial ties or connections. Further these matters are akin to the peeling of an onion where we carefully remove one layer at a time until we have discovered as much as we can.

All of this is done to maintain compliance with the law and the court, not to mention that “It’s the right thing to do”.

Probate Research

Who do we work for while completing our probate research?

We have many clients, some of them are attorneys representing or working with estates, trusts, trustees, trust officers, administrators, executors and many others. Locating beneficiaries and rightful heirs can be quite involved and at the very least frustrating. It may require a significant amount of time, skill, expertise, patience, perseverance and tenacity. Most of our clientele have experienced the tedium of this process, and have chosen to let the experts here at Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. do the work for them, and you can too!

Probate Researchers

All we have to start with is a name…

As probate researchers we are often hired to find heirs, missing/unknown heirs, next of kin, or other beneficiaries. Many times all we have to start with is a name and as a result we must rely on our knowledge, skills and expertise to identify a person.

What is our role in probate research?

Our role is to assist. We do this by searching available public records, databases or making contact with many different people to accomplish our goal of identification and ultimately determining lineage or associations. Once the person is correctly identified, his or her whereabouts then becomes the focus.

Regardless of the situation or circumstances the goal is the same, to achieve the identification and the location of people, places and things which may include rightful heirs, next of kin and/or beneficiaries.

Probate Research Company