The benefit of Covert Camera Installations | Hidden Cameras can be helpful in theft investigations, internal investigations, protection of company assets and property, and may aid in identifying potential culprits. Further the information gleaned from these installs will dictate if preliminary record searches, additional surveillance services or other primary services will be needed to resolve the issue.

Covert Camera Installations

Covert Camera Installations reveal the truth.

Once the installation is in place and operational for a while we begin to learn the who, what, were, when, and why which can eventually reveal the truth.  Video does not lie.  We can then use the newly discovered knowledge to guide our investigation along. Often times during these investigations, we, as well as our customers, become aware of things that we really didn’t want to know nor were they the subject of the initial inquiry. This of course can be problematic inasmuch as our customer may now have to deal with other issues that they did not plan on. As your go to company we can help you deal with these as well.

When to use Covert Cameras | Hidden Cameras?

Can you provide some examples of when and under what circumstances you may suggest the use of Covert Cameras | Hidden Cameras. The following is only a partial list of possible situations where these special services could be used.

  • Drug Abuse Issues
  • Improper Conduct Issues
  • Internal Investigations
  • Legitimate Corporate Concerns
  • Misuse of Time
  • Theft Investigations
  • Threat Situations
  • Vandalism Issues

Specialized Equipment is required.

A wide range of specialized equipment is required when fully engaged in Covert Camera Installations | Hidden Camera Installations. These special services counter theft, threats, vandalism, misconduct, and more…
Miniature closed-circuit cameras and recorders can be covertly installed to observe all who come and go from specific areas of your facility. Keep in mind that these devices can be hidden in almost anything imaginable and come in various shapes and sizes.

Who is involved?

During the initial phases of the investigation nobody knows for sure who is involved whether it is an employee, vendor or somebody from the outside who has gained access to the space using any number of methods.  Regardless, something is happening in your company that may be immoral, unethical, illegal or just plain wrong and you don’t like it.

By now you have asked yourself and probably others in your organization the following. Who is involved? What else have they done? When is this occurring? How often is it happening? What can we do to stop it? How do we keep it from happening again?

These are good questions and CisPros can supply answers.

These Covert Systems can be used in a variety of investigations. Primarily they are installed for only a short period of time to provide identification, documentation and evidence in developing as much information as possible to uncover major issue(s) leading the direction and focus of the investigation.

These Covert Cameras | Hidden Cameras are yet another service found in our toolbox to help you.

In some cases these Covert Camera Installs | Hidden Camera Installs are a good starting point. Let’s talk about it!