The purpose of conducting Asset Searches or Asset Search Investigations is to determine the financial wherewithal of a business, person or both prior to, or after any business, financial or property transaction, to name a few, depending on the circumstances. In addition, these services are often requested and may be useful before, during or after a civil suit seeking damages.

Who needs Asset Searches?

Generally speaking, those who need Asset Searches are business people, litigators, bankers, suppliers and others who are attempting to determine if the company and or the individual in question have sufficient resources to pay. Listed below are some reasons why we are asked to conduct Asset Searches:

  • Are they collectible
  • Authenticate assets preceding a merger or acquisition
  • Determine tangibles and intangibles in advance of filing litigation
  • Identify capital in support of a loan
  • Recover misappropriated funds
  • Recuperate funds associated with an embezzlement
  • Secure proceeds granted by legal judgment
  • Verify chattels prior to doing business
Asset Searches

Before Asset Search Investigations can begin...

Before Asset Search Investigations can begin, identification of the subject is critical. We need correct name, address, past addresses, employment, relatives, spouse, family members, businesses and any other information that can be provided by you or developed by us. If it is developed by us, we may start with an extensive review of database searches and possibly, library and newspaper indexes to determine who and how many people may be involved. Once completed, we then move to the next phase.

The next step in uncovering the truth

Once the initial identification phase of Asset Search Investigations is complete, preliminary record searches can now begin which is essentially a search of public records. These searches may disclose State and/or Federal litigation involving the subject. This could provide insight into their assets as well as their liabilities. Further, our findings may lead to more documents and ultimately more assets at the National, State, County or Local levels. Additionally, leads developed during this process will generally, but not always, act as a guide to the next step in uncovering the truth.

Here are some assets we may discover

Each of these cases is different, yet they are the same. What? Let me explain. Each case is different in that it may involve different people and or companies whose assets are spread out or located who knows where. These cases are the same in that people and or companies believe they are better at hiding assets then we are at finding them. So you’re still not sure if this is the way to go? Listed here are some assets we may discover as a result of our efforts:

  • Real property
  • Personal property; cars, boats, planes, etc.
  • Financial information
  • Equipment ownership; large and small
  • Business ownership
  • Business affiliations and associations
  • Associates, family trusts, shell companies
  • And more…

Our team of experts includes individuals with backgrounds in law enforcement, accounting, finance, asset searches, due diligence investigations, business background investigations, prospective client investigations, merger and acquisition investigations, asset search investigations, litigation support investigations and other specialty areas.

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