The Special Services category was created to assist our customers in dealing with some extended business issues that they may be facing. This group encompasses five major areas: Asset Search Investigations, Litigation Support Investigations, Security Consulting, Theft Investigations and Covert Camera Installations. For the most part, all are considered time sensitive matters.

Who needs Special Services?

As a business person working countless hours trying to make a better life for yourself and those you employ, there are times when you need answers and help. Sometime in your career, you may inevitably be faced with issues that will require you to seek one or more of what we define as our Special Services. These services are designed to make it a little easier to navigate the tough business terrain in today’s society. Listed here are a few special services that we provide to assist and help our customer, along with a brief explanation of each. Take a look. We can help you too.

Special Services

Asset Search Investigations

The purpose of conducting Asset Searches or Asset Search Investigations is to determine the financial wherewithal of a business, person or both prior to, or after any business, financial or property transaction, to name a few, depending on the circumstances. In addition, these services are often requested and may be useful before, during or after a civil suit seeking damages.

Litigation Support Investigations

Litigation support investigations, also known as litigation support services, are complex, in depth, and intricate, and may take a great deal of  time and manpower to complete. What are the repercussions of not using litigation support investigations? Lack of action may result in loss of revenue, business interruption and complete loss of the business.

Probate Research

Probate research, in part, can be defined as determining the rightful heirs, missing heirs or unknown heirs of an estate, trust or other probate court related matters.

Security Consulting

The term Security Consulting can be defined as a professional review and analysis of a particular issue or problem and then providing a workable solution. Finding and developing the right solution is done in a variety of ways. Our strength is found in the Security Consulting services we provide. We can develop an action plan, regarding almost any security related subject matter that you are dealing with and assist in its implementation.

Theft Investigations

The term Theft Investigations, as you might have guessed, covers a huge category as well as many possible scenarios. We get inquiries on many theft related issues. In this instance we are only going to touch upon a few because there are simply too many possibilities and not enough time. The methods used to resolve the matters may vary but the basic questions always remain the same.

Covert Camera Installations

The benefit of Covert Camera Installations | Hidden Cameras can be helpful in theft investigations, internal investigations, protection of company assets and property, and may aid in identifying potential culprits. Further, the information gleaned from these installs will dictate if preliminary record searches, additional surveillance services or other primary services will be needed to resolve the issue.

Our team’s mission is to assist you with some of the difficulties you may encounter while running your business. Contact Us today.