Witness locates are becoming more commonly requested especially if there has been an accident, incident or event. You have to ask yourself, did somebody see something? The more complete questions are:

  • Who are the witnesses?
  • Where do they live?
  • How do I contact them?
  • What did they see?

We live in a transient society. It is no longer the norm to live in the same house for a lifetime as it may have been in days gone by. We are frequently called upon to help our clients in instances where the individuals domicile can’t be easily verified.

People move for many reasons and staying in touch with a witness, an insured, a subject, a defendant or a client can be quite difficult.

The necessity to make contact is great. The final outcome of a trial may be hinging on the testimony of a witness and you have no idea how to reach them.

Witness Locates
Witness Locates

Our years of experience, proprietary databases and contacts, along with old fashion street work, have helped make us very successful in assisting our clients.

Our success stories include, finding individuals who have relocated out of the country, and yes, we have determined the whereabouts of individuals living in boxes and under bridges.

Let us use our tools, expertise and our knowledge to help you.

If we are not your “go to” company for witness locates, maybe we should be!