If you are in need of Surveillance Services and you are a Workers’ Compensation Attorney, a Self-Insured Employer, a Claims Adjuster for a Third Party Administrator, an Insurance Adjuster in defense of a claim or have any other legitimate business need, look no further.  Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. is a well respected, time tested professional investigative agency that is well equipped to handle your surveillance needs.

Why are Surveillance Services necessary?

There are several reasons to conduct surveillance – many of which are claims related but not always. The most popular explanation is to verify the validity of the claim or concern. Listed below are some possible circumstances that may prompt you to use these services:

Surveillance Services
Surveillance Services

Can Surveillance Services make a difference?

The answer is…YES! Surveillance Services can make a difference concerning any number of situations. Are you hearing any rumors? Maybe you shouldn’t ignore them. What if they are true? Think of these services as your eyes to reveal what is truly taking place. Ever heard of the saying “Out of sight, Out of mind” it’s true. “If you don’t look, you won’t know”.

Tell me about your methods…

Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. is an industry leader in providing these services for the corporate world and has been since 1987.  Our proven methods include appropriate and legal information gathering prior to conducting the physical surveillance.  This information includes, but is not limited to, intelligence gathering using investigative databases which may provide confirmation of the subject’s whereabouts and other pertinent information.

Surveillance Services
Surveillance Services

We utilize 2-way radio communication?

Our investigators are provided with the best equipment for the job to assist them in obtaining the best possible results.  We are licensed by the FCC to utilize 2-way radio communications which we make use of when a team approach is required.  This ensures immediate passing of information between team members when timing is critical.  There is no need to call a cell phone or send a text message while the subject drives away.

Do you conduct any Preliminary Record Searches?

Many times, more in-depth background checks can be helpful which would include what is known as “preliminary record searches” before the surveillance takes place. This may include a check of court records or other public records to potentially uncover prior injuries or pre-existing conditions.  In some circumstances the information developed during this phase could resolve the claim even before the surveillance gets started. In other instances these searches can provide information concerning hidden employers, corporate affiliations, location of medical records, and social media activity which can be helpful during the investigative process.

What’s the ultimate goal?

It does not matter if it is a Workers’ Compensation Claim, Bodily Injury Claim, Medical Malpractice Claim, Disability Claim or Other Claim., When we are armed with as much information as our clients can provide along with our own investigative efforts, our professionally trained investigators can now conduct a well thought out surveillance documenting as much activity as possible with the ultimate goal of revealing the truth.


If we are not your “go to” Surveillance Services Company… we should be.