Technical Surveillance of Counter Measures

TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps commonly referred to as “TSCM”, “Debugging“, “Bug Sweeps“, Technical Surveillance of Counter Measures, or Countersurveillance are conducted in your suspect areas prior to sensitive meetings. Our TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps service includes searching physically and electronically for all major types of audio and video transmitters. This Site states about our services in a well described manner. We utilize computer driven correlators to seek out any line carriers, current and infrared signals.

Do you know who is listening?

Are there personal and confidential messages getting out to the public?

Interceptions do occur, and when they do, your potential loss can be devastating.

TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps can eliminate critical information leaks to the following and beyond:

  • Competitors
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Legal adversaries
  • Overly zealous media

Only you can quantify the possible damages if the wrong person were able to monitor the following:

  • Business meetings
  • Attorney discussions
  • Personal conversations
TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps
find phone tap

What is it worth to your competitors to know your new product lines, merger plans, trade secrets, corporate legal issues, organization plans or price strategies?

  • Are you going public?
  • Discussing trade secrets?
  • Is the boardroom secure?

We are your security solution for discovering eavesdropping and espionage activities in your organization before your secrets and plans are used against you.

Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. utilizes the most sophisticated, highest grade cutting edge technologies when conducting TSCM Debugging Bug Sweeps. Our equipment has the ability to receive and demodulate “Free Space” frequency transmissions from telecommunications equipment, wired/wireless cameras and frequencies through the spectrum.

The techniques used to steal your business information as well as personal information and to exploit your vulnerabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Phone bugging
  • GSM bugging
  • Concealed video cameras
  • Audio devices

We have access to well over $750k in the latest equipment that are calibrated per the manufactures specs and includes the following gear:

TSCM Equipment
  • Thermal Imagers–These allow us to “View” through walls and look for concealed devices which are transmitting or turned off
  • Spread Spectrum Analyzers–These analyzers allow us to receive signals from 0HZ–60 GHZ, at this time; range may be greater in the future
  • Non-Linear Junction/Metal Detectors–This equipment can verify any metallic transmitters
  • TDR-This acronym means: Time Domain Reflectometer–This determines if a phone line/coax cable has any detection of transmitting devices
  • Telephone Analyzers-Detects and receives the characteristics of a phone line and verifies if there are any listening devices
  • Meters/Stethoscopes–Analyzes and probes for “Bugs”

Transmitters or “Bugs” can be installed into lamps, smoke detectors, exit signs, pencil sharpeners or almost anything imaginable.

A laser attack is possible into an exterior windowed room without entering the premises.

If you do not know what to look for or where to locate a device, you will not find one!

In order to locate and neutralize an audio or video surveillance attack you must be:

  • Well trained
  • Well equipped
Technical Surveillance of Counter Measures
debugging phone lines

Our technical personnel have successfully completed special electronic technical training in countermeasures provided by each manufacturer as well as federal agencies and are always on the cutting edge of technology. Amongst our technical personnel is a certified TSCM instructor. He teaches only active U.S. Military and Federal Government employees and has taught instructional courses at the only three private TSCM schools in the United States including the one in Ohio which is ours!