Background Screening Services | Employment Screening Services are known by many names. So many in fact we can’t list them all here. The point is regardless of how you describe these services you recognize the importance of doing them. So you ask.

Background Screening Services

When to use Background Screening Services?

Answer. Anytime you hire someone. As a business owner or manager you have many responsibilities in keeping the business up and running. At times you may feel that there is not enough time in the day for everything. Your hiring practices may be done on a gut feeling as opposed to a standardized, well thought out, methodical plan. If you screen potential employees prior to hiring them, you can at least get a better feel for whom you are hiring instead of going about it blindly.

Background Checks will pay dividends.

You should consider setting up standards in your business concerning your hiring practices as Background Screenings | Background Checks will pay dividends. Here a few things to ponder. Who do we hire? What qualities are we looking for? What are the qualifications? What are the minimum acceptable standards for the particular job being filled?

Minimize risk with Background Investigations.

Once you hire somebody you are at risk. You ask what we mean by that. These new hires, as well as those people currently working for you, may have access to the most sensitive information and inner workings of your business. Some of these people will or have more sensitive jobs than others. What if this information got into the hands of your competitors? It could cost you greatly. Background Checks | Background Investigations can help minimize or eliminate these risks.

Our verifications process saves time, money, and disappointment.

So the short version to all of this is Background Screenings| Employment Screenings should be routine. Simply stated our verification process saves time, money, and disappointment. We use proven methods, some of which we list below.

More time then not our Background Screening Services | Employment Screening Services begin with the applicant signing our release and then agreeing to our electronic fingerprinting services which will include submission to BCI/FBI or both depending on the situation. Once that is completed we suggest you continue on to our more comprehensive services which may include but are not limited to the following:  court record searches including a criminal record check,  public record searches, a driver’s abstract, verification of employments, references as well as verification of education and professional licenses. Potential employees may be required to submit to drug screening and more depending on the level of the hire.

Looking for Peace of Mind?

You are in the right place. Each employer’s circumstances are different.  Contact Us so we can help you design a cost effective, workable plan concerning Background Screening Services | Employment Screening Services | Background Checks | Background Investigations that meets your needs as well as gives you some peace of mind.

Candidates for background screening must sign our release form before the screening process can begin.