Terminations are stressful events, but even more so, if it involves an employee who has made threats involving violence against others. If that is the case it may fall into the category of High Risk Terminations. As a third party, our role is to assist you in the process by staying on point ensuring the situation does not get out of control. Further, we will guide you through the process of protecting your facilities and employees. It is very important that we, as a non-emotional party, are involved in this process so that if any anger, resentment, threats etc. arise from this action, they become mute points. So, our goal is to assist you in facilitating a smooth exit.

Things to know before High Risk Terminations…

Listed here is your homework assignment. These questions are important things to know before High Risk Terminations take place. Has the employee had any?

  • History of outbursts and/or violence?
  • Write ups?
  • Acts of theft?
  • Bad behavior?
  • Conflicts?
  • Arguments?
  • Confrontations?
  • Fits of rage?
  • Upcoming birthdays?
  • Upcoming work anniversaries?
  • Known family issues?
  • Health issues?
High Risk Terminations

If you answered yes to any of the above…

If you answered yes to any of the above questions and you have made a decision to terminate, we offer some additional questions that must be addressed:

  • When should we conduct the termination?
  • Where should we conduct the termination?
  • Who should be present?
  • What do we need to be efficient and effective?
  • What are the considerations to make this less stressful?
  • What can be done to minimize the embarrassment of the situation?
  • What kind of paperwork is needed in these situations?
  • Who controls the situation once the process begins?
  • Once the process is complete, then what?
  • How do we avoid retaliation?
High Risk Terminations

Terminations don’t end when the employee leaves the building…

High Risk Terminations don’t end when the employee leaves the building. Often times our surveillance services are utilized to monitor activity for a specified period of time or until you reach a comfort level to avoid and prevent any retaliation. Contact Us. We can be your partner and help you through the process to reduce the risk.

Remember: “If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.