The term Desktop Investigations is something one of our clients coined and we have now incorporated it into our arsenal of phrases simply because we like it. We define these as quick catch-all business investigations. It may include any legitimate investigation for the purpose of making a quick educated determination. These investigations are defined by title. What can we find out for you in a hurry from our desktop?

Most inquiries start as Desktop Investigations…

Most investigative inquiries start as Desktop Investigations. We use this time to uncover as much information as quickly as possible. Some of these investigations end shortly after they begin but may require multiple investigators working together to meet the deadline. In other cases, the information developed is just a starting point. In the latter the information is passed on to the field investigators to cover various leads to meet the client’s objectives.

Desktop Investigations

We may only have a brief window of opportunity…

When time is of the essence our clients turn to us and our Desktop Investigations. They know our team understands how critical it can be. The information developed during this time can and has been used to resolve or manage some very sensitive matters. We realize that these issues often become priority and as such we may only have a brief window of opportunity to deliver results.

Tell me more…

Each matter is unique and as a result each may require a different strategy. So tell me more. Below is a list of some of the techniques and searches that may be used to meet the clients’ goals and timeline.

  • Social media searches
  • Endless phone inquiries as needed
  • Run simple database searches
  • Verify provided information
  • Identify key business people
  • Confirm facts known or believed to be true
  • Extensive database searches
  • Special inquiries as necessary

What is the benefit?

Since your matter is now considered a priority, the benefit of this service is that it can aid in:

  • Quickly assessing risk
  • Providing prompt identification
  • Delivering the information rapidly
  • Developing critical subject matter
  • Accelerating decision making
  • Resolving and managing issues

Think of these inquiries as just another item in the toolbox. Contact Us. We can help.