The designation Business Background Investigations | Business Investigations is the process by which the client investigates a company and its key personnel to ascertain whether or not they would consider entering into a  business relationship with the company now and into the future. The theory behind Business Investigations is that performing them leaves nothing hidden and no surprises. This in turn reduces risk ultimately saving time and money while improving decision making.

Business Background Investigations are must do’s when:

  • Forming strategic alliances and vendor relationships
  • Taking on new prospective clients
  • Contemplating a partnership arrangement
  • Considering mergers and acquisitions
  • Evaluating a new product, service or licensing agreement
  • Investing in a new venture
Business Background Investigations

Benefits of Business Investigations…

Listed below are some of the benefits of business investigations which  may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identification of key business personnel
  • Identification of business headquarter location
  • Verification of physical location of the business
  • Identification of known business affiliations
  • Search of state and federal court records for suits, liens and judgments
  • Search federal tax liens and other filings
  • Search of federal bankruptcy records for commercial or personal filings
  • Search of newspaper indices both locally and nationally
  • Verification of compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Confirmation of specialized licensure
  • Other inquiries as necessary

Surprises are not a good thing!

In business, surprises are not a good thing. Too often business decisions are made without verifying provided information, which can turn out badly or disastrous in the end.

What do smart business people know?

Smart business people know how to minimize their business risk. They do this in part by routinely conducting Business Background Investigations | Business Investigations before entering relationships with customers, vendors, clients, partners, etc.

Businesses need “accurate reliable information”.

In today’s society, more than ever, businesses need “accurate reliable information” which in turn rewards them with that elusive “peace of mind”. This is what we do. Contact Us so we can help you make better choices.

Although business background investigations are similar to due diligence investigations, prospective client investigations and desktop investigations each can be different depending on the client’s definition, needs, as well as the nature, depth and scope of each assignment.