Smart management practices include seeking answers before making decisions to solve specific business concerns. The answers you come up with are considered Business Solutions. These may start as ideas and develop into plans. The entire purpose is to move the company forward from chaos to order. This can be a difficult task since you are dealing with so many issues. You ask yourself where do I start? The answer is “Just Start”. Most people look at what should be done and are overwhelmed. As a result they never start.  The trick is to do things in small steps. We can contribute by offering what we do well.

business solutions

Business Solutions promote order…

As a solution provider we may recommend a variety of possible suggestions based on your specific circumstances. Some of the services emphasized in this section will apply to you now, while others may be relevant later. Either way we are here to assist. Our Business Solutions promote order. Below are few services that our customers use. Maybe they can help you too…

Due Diligence

By definition Due Diligence Investigations | Due Diligence are the processes of exercising reasonable care to avoid unnecessary exposure. In part these investigations are done to verify stated information prior to entering into a business transaction. The idea behind this type of investigation is to reveal the truth, minimize your business risk while providing quality information to the decision makers.

Screening Service

Our Screening Service can be described in general terms as various types of background checks or background investigations. These services should be conducted if an applicant is looking for a job, a tenant applicant is interested in renting one of your properties or a vendor applicant wishes to become an approved vendor with your company.


Fingerprinting speeds up results of the background check improving critical decision making on new hires, statutory requirements and compliance issues. These services come in two forms: Electronic Fingerprinting and Manual Fingerprinting. We do both!

TSCM Debugging

We utilize the most sophisticated, highest grade cutting edge technologies when conducting TSCM Debugging. Our equipment has the ability to receive and demodulate “Free Space” frequency transmissions from telecommunications equipment, wired/wireless cameras and frequencies through the spectrum.

The techniques used to steal your business information as well as personal information and to exploit your vulnerabilities include but are not limited to the following:

High Risk Termination

Terminations are stressful events, but even more so, if it involves an employee who has made threats involving violence against others. If that is the case, it may fall into this category. As a third party, our role is to assist you in the process by staying on point ensuring the situation does not get out of control.

“You only have a limited amount of time and energy, use it wisely.”