At Corporate Investigative Services, Inc., you will find experienced, world class professionals who do investigations thoroughly and get results that matter. Our satisfied customers include businesses, both large and small, including law firms, accounting firms, private equity groups, banking institutions, insurance companies, self insured employers, third party administrators, and others up to and including Fortune 500 companies as well as government entities.

about corporate investigative services

When we founded Corporate Investigative Services ® in 1987, our goal was to create a valued resource that minimizes business risk and ensures sound business decisions for the corporate community’s diverse and confidential investigative needs.

Our expertise is in helping businesses uncover information quickly while upholding the highest ethical standards and only within legal limits. Due diligence investigations, Asset searches, Litigation support investigations, Screening Services, Fingerprinting Services, TSCM/Debugging/Bug Sweeps, Claims investigations, Surveillance services, Witness locates, Interviewing & statement taking and general information gathering are just some of the wide range of services available. The bottom line is that we seek results in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Corporate Investigative Services, Inc, the agency of choice for American Businesses.

Corporate Investigative Services ® is a registered service mark of Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. 31400 Bradley Rd. Cleveland, OH 44070. See U.S. Trademark Office Registration #1820246.




William G. Taylor, President

Bill’s work experience includes more than eight years working in investigative support for the White Collar Crime Squad as well as special programs and technical areas of the FBI.

Bill has years of experience working due diligence investigations, prospective client investigations and high profile litigation support investigations.

Bill is one of the founders of Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. and has been with them since its inception in 1987. Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio.


James Szell, Vice President

Prior to the company’s formation, Jim’s professional work experience included seven years with the FBI.

Jim has had additional training in interviewing and interrogation through the John Reid & Associates’ Reid Technique. His expertise had lead to prosecutions at the Federal, State and local levels.

Jim is one of the founders of Corporate Investigative Services, Inc. and has been with them since its inception in 1987. Jim holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Baldwin Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio.